Wild Willow Trading

This week we went 'live' with our new on-line shop; Wild Willow Trading

We have wanted to bring our products to you all so you can now order on-line & we send our products Nationwide. We have also decided we will send out our Christmas Wreaths & will be posting these on the website www.wild-willow.co.uk this weekend for pre-order

Each week we are going to create a Winter Foliage Box & Winter Flower Box which you can order to be delivered to your door step. This week our foliage box will be full of mixed Eucalptus & our Hydrangea box has red/pink hydrangeas ready for drying

Every day we add our timeworn finds & new products and you can follow us on Instagram 'wildwillowflowers'

We are very excited about our new shop and this will run alongside The Country Brocante Store where we have our little space! The shop will re-open at the beginning of December

Have a look at our shop www.wild-willow.co.uk/on-lineshop

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