June at Myrtle

June at Myrtle

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Summer in the garden here at Myrtle is a basy one; juggling looking after Otts and doing weddings is a full-time job with each day a little job planned in & still there is so much to do!

The garden was looking so lovely before the rains hit and now the roses are drooping and everything needs supporting. This year my major success has been growing in pots and next year I am going to share with you the best plants to grow and which seeds you should be thinking about for next year. Now is the time to start sowing your Biennials because they require a full year to grow so I am no going to start growing in seed trays, these include; foxgloves, sweet william and canterbury bells. I will then plant these out late summer so they are ready for blooming in the Spring.

A job for July is to order my winter bulbs ready for our popular kit boxes which we will be getting ready for the end of the year so you all have fragrant paper whites and muscari for Christmas and the New Year.

We will also sow our hardy annual seed before winter so we have an early crop next year and because it was so successful this year I will be sowing Ammi (Queens Anne’s Lace), Love in The Mist and Larkspur. My Ammi is looking really good down the garden but my Daucous Carota was a bit of a disaster with the wet weather so will try again next year. The Cosmos has been a hit and I am also growing this in pots so will update you on how that does when it starts flowering. Last year I bought huge galvanised troughs and sowed my Cornflowers and they are now flowering and get a huge bunch each day, a major hit!

So jobs in the garden for July

Deadheading: Keep deadheading your roses and picking your cosmos, cornflowers etc - they will then keep blooming
Order your Winter Bulbs: I love Paper Whites and Muscari
Order Seed: Order your seed for sowing before the end of the year for early harvesting
& Breath!


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